Sunday, November 7, 2010

Thoughtfullness warms the heart!

The reason why I love giving is because I love receiving. No, not receiving gifts, but receiving little gestures of thoughtfulness. It may be in the form of a simple home made thank you card, a simple hand written thank you note, or a simple thank you phone call. We currently live in a society where materials things are emphasized rather the effort and resources that were used. In the spirit of thanskgiving, we must emphasize that the true meaning of this holiday is not all about binge eating but about giving thanks to the many blessings we receive, the family that loves and support us and also the people that make a difference in our lives. I don't think twice when it comes to giving because I always believe that the blessings will come back to you in two folds. Especially when it comes to my family, I don't hold back even if it does not cost much. The glow in their faces knowing that you have touched their hearts is more than gratifying already.

This past week, I receive a beautiful home made thank you card from my two nieces who live in California. They never cease to amaze me. Everytime I send them something, I always get a thank you note in return. They are so appreciative for the little things and it warms my heart that at this very young age, they already know the importance of giving thanks.
There is so much love in this card. I am melting!
Watch out Nancy Castiglione, here's a designer in the making.
Although, I am not a parent myself, but when I do have kids of my own, I will particularly instill this value to them. Let's all remember that giving thanks does not have to be celebrated every last Thursday of November.

In parting, just want to thank you mes amis for visiting my blog. I hope that in a way, I make a difference in inspiring you.

Have a happy Thanksgiving and please don't binge....HEHE!



  1. One of my biggest pet peeves, people who are unappreciative! Hoverever on a happy note G and B are wonderfully cute. And I salute Bu and Jik for instilling such value!

  2. Kids learn early, especially if examples are shown consistently! G and B are awesome! Great job, Bu and Nong Jik!