Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Oh Monday, how I love thee!

Not! I usually don't look forward for Mondays for numerous reasons. Well, the first obvious would be, it's the first day of the week, then that means I would have to wait for 4 more days until the weekend. But not just that, it's also the start of my work out routine. I am back at the gym after a weekend of indulgence on junk food (I try not too though:-).

But I don't mind as long as I look like her, right?

*Photo Credit from Image Group Fitness Website*

Body Pump, the reason why I dread Mondays and Wednesdays:-)! But why do I torture myself then if I am only complaining here? I for once, like to be active and you, my friends, should be active. I don't like doing Cardio that much (will explain on a later post) and lifting weights are my favorite. And no they don't make you bulky. Lifting weights simply help your muscles grow and it helps you lose more fats/calories than just doing a simple cardiovascular exercise.

Body Pump incorporates barbells and you can put on as much weight as you can handle. It's a 60 minute class that strengthen the entire body. It covers the major muscle groups such as chest, glutes, biceps, triceps, legs and abs. It's a little hard at first when you are just starting out, but believe me I have been going to this class religiously and it has definitely strengthened me. So my friends the journey to good living starts with a good work out routine. Be active! Get your heart rate pumpin because you will benefit for it in the long run.....

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