Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It's A Very Fishy World

I make sure that foods high in omega-3 fatty acids especially fish are a regular part of our diet at home. I serve it at least three times a week. There is nothing better in getting your omega 3 fatty acids from food than supplements. But of course, I still take my omega 3 fatty acids supplements. Many studies have indicated that these healthy fats prevent a wide range of medical problems. Not only they taste good, but over all it's good for our health (it keeps your cholesterol low). So, I try to include seafood especially Wild Salmon on my grocery list as well as other healthy nuts such as almonds or walnuts.

One of the methods that I use in preparing my salmon is slow roasting it in the oven under 250 degrees. Slow roasting makes your salmon really tender. It helps retain still that moisture sans drying it, which we usually get when baked under 35o degree oven. I sliced some fennel bulbs, which I used as a base for my salmon. I then season my salmon with salt, pepper, or any kind of herbs you want. Also drizzle with some olive oil. Slice up the lemons and put on top of your salmon. Slow roast for about 20 to 25 minutes depending on the size.

Since we had plenty left and are too spoiled to eat leftovers, I made salmon patty cakes out of them. My version is pretty healthy. I used low fat mayonaisse to mix it with, chopped red and yellow peppers, Worcestershire sauce, a little bit of salt and pepper and one egg that acts as a glue to bind all the ingredients together. I baked the salmon cakes under 375 degree for about 12 to 15 minutes depending on how crispy you are looking for. I also made home made tartar sauce to go with it, which is a mixture of low fat mayonaisse, low fat sour cream, sweet relish, capers, red wine vinegar and a little bit of salt and pepper. Served on top fo your salmon. B enjoyed it very much. For a much healthier version, you can opt out on the buns. I sliced up some tomatoes and drizzled balsamic vinegar on top of it. A serving of asparagus salad boiled in low sodium chicken stock on the side as well. Love it with feta cheese!

Flounder is also one of my favorite seafood to eat. I can have them fried, steamed or boiled. My favorite of all times is the steamed pan fried flounder served with ginger and scallion sauce from HopKee Restaurant in Chinatown, NY. But since I don't live too close from NYC, I try to imitate this recipe whenever there is fresh flounder available at the market. Luckily, when I was in Whole Foods the other day, these wild caught flounder were on sale. I immediately thought that I will imitate the steamed flounder with ginger and scallion sauce. Now mind you, I don't have a steamer at home so I had to improvise. Instead I cut my flounder in half and boiled it with water mixed with apple cider vinegar and some ginger strips. I believe the vinegar and the ginger help take away that "fishy" smell. Boil it for maybe 8 minutes. You don't want to overdone it as the fish can get really dry. Put it aside and place some scallions and slices of ginger on top. I then heated three tablespoons of safflower oil (no sesame oil in my household) and drizzled on top of the flounder. Meanwhile my mixture of rice wine, soy sauce, white pepper powder, a little bit of sugar, and safflower oil was added in the pan to heat it up a little. Then I drizzled this on top of my flounder. Voila! Simple, easy, quick and delish!

What about you mes amis, what is your favorite fish to serve? Bisous, Contessa

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  1. I miss Hop Kee! I'll ask chez to try your recipe once he gets some good flounder!