Monday, November 15, 2010

If you want to please your man........

Feed him meat. Most importantly a nice piece of some good steak. Once a week. Serve medium rare or rare. Not medium well or well done.

The best way to a man's heart is through his stomach. I think the best way to a man's heart is to feed him meat, meat, meat. In all forms (lol). With seafood, B doesn't get so excited. But with meat, he'll start jumping up and down and wants to open his bottle of wine. Now you know that's an indication that he's about to be satisfied. Well with his meal that is.

Here's a simple recipe that can make your man sing and dance. Get a good cut of grassfed steak and simply season it with some salt and pepper and if you want some herbs, you can add rosemary or herbes de provence. Pan sear or grill, whichever method you prefer. Now the sauce is made of some really good balsamic vinegar, creme fraiche, spinach and butter. Lots of butter! Melt the butter in the pan, sautee your mushrooms (you can use baby bella, button, whichever) for a few minutes until mushrooms cooked, add balsamic vinegar and reduce it to maybe 1/3 of the sauce then add creme fraiche as the thickening agent then add the spinach (optional). Season to taste. Serve on top of your steak. Voila! But make sure you have a side of carbohydrates to go with your steak. Bake potato. Sweet Potato. Fries. Mashed Potato.

Happy rainy Tuesday mes amis.


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