Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Family's Thanksgiving Meal

Let me apologize for not blogging lately. Bon Vivant Contessa has been busy entertaining family who came from out of town to celebrate Thanksgiving with us. Not to mention, I threw my sister a baby shower over Thanksgiving weekend as well. It has been a busy week indeed. I am just finally slowly getting back to my regular routine. And I have a million pictures to upload.

Let me just share with you some pictures of what we had for Thanksgiving. I know you'd probably be feeling envious after looking at them and wishing you spent Thanksgiving with us:-)

(click to enlarge to get a better viewing)

It was also an added bonus that we are blessed to have a pastry chef in the family. My cousin, who is a pastry chef in NYC, celebrated Thanksgiving with us and of course made all the decadent, to die for desserts. Next time, I will share with you a picture of my wedding cake that he made.

(Carrot Cake with Butter cream frosting, Key Lime Pie, and Mocha Cream Cake)

Thank you cousin John for all your decadent desserts. I have successfully gained 5 lbs of eating pure butter:-)

For those in the NYC area, John can accommodate any of your dessert needs. Please e-mail me for more information.



  1. What an awesome blog. As always, i had a great time spending Thanksgiving Day with all you guys and it was a pleasure for me to make all those fabulous desserts. Sharing my pastry talents with the people i love is a blessing. Hope to see you on New years Eve and expect more decadent dessert from my repertoire!

  2. Surely made me wish I was there for Thanksgiving. Miss you all :(