Saturday, November 20, 2010

Not your traditional surf and turf.....

Happy Sunday! Would you have guessed that the salsa on top of this pork rib chops is made with scallops? An experiment gone good (if that's even right, ha!). It's all about using every ingredients you have in the fridge. In my case, I purchased these all natural pork rib chops from Whole Foods and wanted to stay away from the usual method of preparing it. Without a doubt, it's really good served on its own already. But I wanted to incorporate the scallops, yellow and red peppers, spinach, and tomatoes that I have left that were going bad if I had leave them out for another day.

It may seem complicated to make but trust me this whole process took me less than 30 minutes (is that you Rachel Ray?). I seasoned my pork with salt and pepper, pan seared for a few minutes, then bake in the oven 375 degrees for maybe 15 minutes. It all depends on the weight on your chops. I reused the pan where I cooked the chops, saute my chopped scallops (that I also seasoned with salt, pepper and drizzled a little bit with fresh clementine juice), added the red and yellow peppers and spinach. Season to taste and serve it on top of your chops. Voila! Dinner is ready.....and it's healthy too!


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