Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wednesday's Catch of the Day

If you are regular reader (let me just pretend I have readers, okay?) of my blog, you will know my love for anything seafood. I care for my health and will eat anything benificial to my body.  I try to eat fish at least three times a week. Not only it's a good source of protein, but also a good source of omega-3 fatty acids. If you are not taking any Omega-3 supplments, you better be eating a lot of fish that are rich in Omega 3.  Did you know that it helps reduce over all body fat? And who doesn't want that, right?   
Here is a simple, quick, and healthy recipe you can prepare.  I got these wild caught red snapper from Whole Foods last week and decided to just broil the whole fish and seasoned it with lemon, salt and pepper. 

Served with pickled cucumbers and sauted Spinach. Healthy and nutritious. If you eat like this on a regular, I can assure you that you will start shedding that extra pounds you are trying to get rid of. 

Have a great Wednesday mis amis.

Bisous, Contessa   


  1. This looks good C. Fish is at its best when cooked with a light hand and the simplest of ingredients :)

  2. Thanks TWG! You really can't complicate fish. You just have to let it shine on its own sans the added "extra" ingredients.