Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I got a new toy and I love it!

What about you? Do you have any new kitchen toys to show off? HE! HE! I feel like a child bouncing up and down and cannot contain my excitement. I got a Breville Fountain Juicer over the weekend!!! While this is not on the top of my "I want list," (must save for vitamix blender), it will suffice for now. Gosh, I am such a brat. I'm not even contented of what I got. For now, this will take care of all my juicing needs.

Miss piggy did not come with the juicer. B got it for me separately and he named her Sir Oinks A Lot. LOL!  She's still cute and if you guys don't know already, I collect pigs. Stuffed toy pigs that is! HAHA! I can't help that I was born Year of the Pig either.

This is not your regular Cuisineart Juicer but more of a heavy duty type of juicer complete with a jug and a pulp separator. The blades are heavy duty too. Don't let the picture fool you. It's actually ginormous in person, but it gets the job done. I just love it!

As soon as I got home, I immediately opened my new toy and tested it. I keep plenty of organic apples in my fruit basket so I thought of making fresh apple juice.

 B had a different idea, on the other hand. He wanted Apple Martini instead (just mix apple juice, vodka, and apple sour). I'm telling you, there is nothing better tasting than a freshly made apple juice. It's sweet as it is already. I added a little bit of lemon for some tang and zest. It stil turned out good regardless.

 While B was sipping on his Apple Martini, I was sippin on my fresh apple juice.  The only pain is cleaning the juicer afterwards. But I didn't mind. I also saved the apple pulp and later made some tzatziki sauce with it. Forgot to take pic but it came out delish sans the sliced cucumbers.

Over all I am a happy little brat. I can't wait to make more juices this weekend. lol! And I can't wait for another toy to come so I can show to you guys. He! He!

Hope you have a great Tuesday. Bisous, Contessa


  1. As I was saying (before my comment disappeared :), you're making me regret giving away a juicer I received one Christmas :) Of course it wasn't as fancy as this, but what got me sort of mortified was realizing how many oranges went into one glass of fresh juice! (cheapskate alert lol) After that I just couldn't be bothered to buy that much fruit.
    Lately though we found out how good fresh apple juice is for kids, and how it can actually be an antidote for something as serious as dengue. So now we're paying for pricey 100% apple juice, when really Yaya E coud have just been making that at home :)
    Finally, I'm born on year of the pig too (now don't compute when lol)

  2. HA!HA! I went and bought a bag of organic oranges from Whole Foods yesterday and was so giddy to tell B that I can finally make him fresh orange juice. That brat, his response was "but I like eating fresh oranges just as much as drinking them." Not that the bag was cheap!

    If we were only neighbors then, I will invite you guys over to have a juice party (sounds funny, lol).

    Now I know why we think alike. Pigs Rule!