Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday Night Superbowl Dinner

While I was slaving myself in the kitchen earlier preparing for our dinner, B stopped me  and asked what was the occasion. I told him in reply that it was the Superbowl:-) Although, I can't help but wonder if my husband was having an amnesia or just pretending to be surprised. Doesn't he know that this is sort of normal in our kitchen? He forgets that I am usually preparing food enough to feed a whole army. I guess this time, the kitchen really looked extra messy. Poor thing, cleaning up and running the dishwasher are probably the least thing he had on his mind, especially when it's Superbowl night. 

Thank goodness, he became giddy when he found out that I was making him one of his favorite soups, the French Onion Soup, along with Roasted Citrus Herb Chicken.
Color is such a perfection.

This Roasted Citrus Herb Chicken recipe was taken from Giada De Laurentis' Giada at Home show. Her recipe called for game hen but I opted for the Whole Chicken instead:-). It still turned out wonderful and moist. And the gravy made from the pan juices was just divine. Recipe can be found here.
This was such a good buy. I am so happy I own one now. I can roast anytime:-)
The roasted chicken was served with Spinach salad.
This is Tyler's ultimate French Onion Soup and my first time making it. It was a very hearty soup on a cold winter weather. My job was a success because my number one customer loved it:-). You can find the recipe here.

I hope you all have a happy week ahead.

Bisous, Contessa

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