Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentines Day - A time of loving and giving

B and I usually don't celebrate Valentines Day. Sure, it's a time for couples to celebrate their relationship. In my opinion, we should be celebrating our relationship everyday anyway. We are blessed to have someone to wake up with and go home to. Since when do we let ourselves get suckered into these companies' propaganda of selling candies, chocolates, and cards? I think in this material driven society, we tend to lost sight of the imporantce of each holiday. Valentines is becoming more like Christmas. People expect to receive gifts more and more. How about looking forward to receiving plenty of love from your significant other? HAHA!

Before I become a scrooge and ruin everyone's "lovey dovey" mode, I might as well indulge you with things I pretend to expect this Valentines. As much as I want to practice self control, the materialistic side of me is somewhat screaming. Although, I would like to think that these things I want are practical and badly needed:-)
Staub La Cocotte in Cherry Red.
 Yes, I want this bad. I already have an oval LeCrueset dutch oven and all I am missing is a round cast iron. This will be ideal for all my braising needs (not that the Le Crueset doesn't serve it's purpose lol).  And that cherry red looks so bloody yummy. HAHA!    

Le Crueset Grill Pan

I promise that if I get this one, I will be grilling more often. I have a Breville Panini Grill that I can just easily use but it's so inconvenient. I have to take it out and cleaning is such a hassle.

Vitamix Blender

The mother of all blender! This will take care of all my blending and juicing needs. I drink protein shake, smoothies, and make puree soups on a regular basis. I no longer want my cuisineart blender/chopper. I want to take it up a notch with this one:-)

Mac Book Pro

If I was to choose amongst all four, I would choose this one. My old iBook has been with me since I was a freshman in college and we've been through a lot. I never had any major problems with her and up to this day, she still works great. Even if it saddens me, it's time to put her to sleep. So please, Mr. Cupid, let's get this magic of love going. Sprinkle some love to my honey and have him get me one of these. I promise, I will be a good wifey forever. HA! HA!.


  1. You deserve all the cooking and baking toys you like because you do use them regularly. As for the Macbook Pro, you won't regret it. Hope your wishes come true soon!

  2. Thanks D. Now, can you please convince B that I deserve all of these? And I promise to reveal once I aquire one of these.