Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Healthy Turkey/Beef Chili

Ever since I discovered the groundbison chili recipe from jillfit's website, I have been hooked. I make it almost every week and it's easy to store in the freezer. The recipe uses ground bison, which is a healthier alternative than regular meat. Bison, which is commonly called "buffalo," are raised naturally, without any harmful hormones or feed additives (most of the time).  Their main diet consist of feeding on grass. The meat is high in protein and has a lower fat percentage compare to beef, chicken, or pork.  I mean it taste just like regular beef but it's lightly sweeter. I have been buying bison meat for the last two years now. 

I know it may sound like I eat junk during the weekends, but trust me, I have a very strict diet during the week. Mostly protein, veggies, and fruits. And since I work out, I need all the protein and veggies I can get. Well lean protein that is. And on the top of my list of protein to buy are bison, turkey, and fish.  

Last night, while I was making my batch of chili, I decided to mix lean ground turkey and ground bison together. It was a protein loaded chili I tell you:-). This can be eaten alone with veggies, with pasta or potatoes(but no carbs for me), or mix with your salad.

In this recipe, you'll need one pound of ground turkey and one pound of ground bison (you can find these are at Wholefoods or the frozen section of your grocery stores). Chopped fresh tomatoes, 2 cloves chopped garlic, 1 chopped onion, cumin, cinnamon, salt and pepper to taste.

Sautee the meat with onions and garlic until brown. Add your chopped tomatoes (you can also use canned chopped tomatoes), one can of tomato paste, one can of black or pinto beans (I usually buy with no salt, but if you get the regular kind, make sure you rinse it with water first so take a little bit of the salt out), and the secret to this recipe is the bone suckin sauce. 
This particular sauce is all natural, no fat, and low in sodium. But it's just as flavorful. But ofcourse, you can substitute with any regular bbq sauce of your choice. Mix together. Slowly add your seasoning such as the cumin, cinnamon, chili powder (if you want a kick to it), salt, and pepper to taste. Just please eye ball it and season according to your taste.
Cover and simmer for at least an hour. This is very hearty to eat especially during the winter. Let me know if you try it.

Bisous, Contessa


  1. i dont know that bone suckin sauce exists :)

  2. Same thoughts as Style Spy :) when you wrote about it before I thought you were describing it :) thumbs up for the guy who thought of that name: I'd definitely buy it if I saw it on the grocery shelf.
    I love your self-control because I can't give up carbs :( I minimize my protein though (trying to go meatless 4-5 days a week). Mail me some of that self-discipline ok? :)

  3. How can I send you guys some bone suckin sauce?:-) It's one of the best discovery. You can use it for chicken, fish or pork marinade and for your vegetable stir fry as well.

    Weekend Gourmet - it takes time to give it up. just slowly tell yourself that carbs are your enemies:-) hahaha!