Friday, February 25, 2011

Fitness Friday - Let's Get Running or Jogging

You probably all know that running or jogging has many great benefits for the over all health. I think any form of excercise is great for our health. It promotes a great cardiovascular work out and strenghtens our muscles.  One does not need to be a professional sprinter or marathon runner to be able to do this. (Did you know that a sprinter has the lowest levels of body fat?) Now, what's your motivation? HAHA! As long as you get those muscles moving on a regular basis, you'd be surprise that your metabolism will slowly increase. And you will also notice an improvement in your over all health and fitness. I always like being active and if I don't get a work out, I become lethargic.

I had to blur it a little bit for that mysterious look. lol!

 With spring just right around the corner, put on your favorite running or walking shoes. Make it a habit to get moving even just for 30 minutes a day. Trust me, you will slowly start seeing the difference in your stamina.

Me and My Yoga Pose:-). Hey that's my fanny pack right there. LOL!

And oh, don't forget to stretch before and after. It's a very important that you do so especially if you have a regular excercise regimen. It prevents yourself from getting injured and pulling your muscles hard.

And go geese hunting too! J/K! But I swear they are such a pest. I have to ba careful and actually look at the trail, otherwise, I'd step on their nasty poop. Ugh!

 I know that I probably bored you with my health lecture this morning. Bottom line is, it's your body and you can do whatever you want with it:-).  But hey, in the long run, it will totally benefit you. And yes, you can thank me later....:-)  I hope you enjoy your Friday.

Bisous, Contessa

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