Monday, February 14, 2011

Meet My New Babylove

Tis the day of love! Please bear in mind that this is not the season for companies to make so much profit selling candies and balloons. Instead, celebrate the relationship you have with the loves of your life.  And I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate or share it with you other than introduce my newest baby love ( he came for free and I didn't have to buy him, joke!). I didn't know being a new auntie again can bring so much joy and love. Is there such a thing such as an "auntie glow"? Coz if so, I have it. LOL!  
Without further ado, it is my pleasre to introduce to you my beautiful nephew, Benjamin. I look forward to seeing you again and hopefully babysitting you soon. Can't wait for the day when you start talking and calling me "Contessa." HAHA!

Collage courtesy of my bff Anghela. :-)
I hope this cheers your Valentines even more. Have a fantastic Valentines Day mis ames!

Bisous, Contessa

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