Wednesday, March 16, 2011

White t-shirt and Denim jeans - how to make it work:-)

I don't consider myself a fashion expert ( I am so far from it) but I believe that having the right accessories will make an outfit work even if we are wearing the basics. Here is a simple outfit that I just accessorized. Originally, I was going to wear this outfit for B's birthday dinner, but since B is opposed to anything fancy and fabulous, I opted to wear t-shirt and jeans. Little did he know that I was going to go all out even with just shirt and jeans. Yes, I am naughty like that. Fur coat. Leopard shoes. Fancy necklace. Fancy bag.  We still have to think of ways to make the most simple clothes pop. So tell me, does it work?

Notice how long and thick my hair has gotten? That's another secret I have yet to tell you. You will just have to wait for now:-). 


Make it Rawr! 

White crew neck shirt: Target 
Denim Jeans: Banana Republic 
Leopard Shoes: forgot where I got it from
Fur Coat: Clearance from TJ Maxx
Necklace: Max Azria

Let me just leave you with Rachel Roy's quote, "Creativity is what matters. I never want to look like everyone else." 

Bisous, Contessa