Thursday, March 3, 2011

I am too cute for overalls.....

Let's take a break from cooking......

Now tell me, does this look like overalls to you? Seems like someone needs to be taught Fashion 101 around here. But that would have to wait.....for the mean time, here is a collage of what I wore to work the other day.  My daily work uniform usually consists of gray, black, brown, and gray, black, brown....(lol you get the picture).  But once in a while I try to put on something colorful too. He! He! This dress,which I got from Marimekko about two years ago has been hanging in my closet for for a while now. I think I have only worn it once or twice.  Thank God for the spring like weather the other day, I was finally able to wear it again.  It wasn't completely warm to wear it on it's own, so I decided to put a turtle neck under. The dress was a little lose, so I cinched a belt around my waist (the truth is, it gives me the illusion that I have small waist, haha busted!).

I have to learn to photoshop my background next time (please ignore, this is on my mini gym at home). And oh, I have to get a remote for my tripod. HE! HE!
Dress: Marimekko
Shoes: Dolce Vita (I am loving these studded brogues. So comfortable too and a cheaper version of the studded Louboutin brogues). 
Belt: Gap
Bisous, Contessa


  1. I have to say that this is a very chic look. A lot of people don't know how to wear brogues. This is the right way to wear them. (Two thumbs up :)

    My lone Marimekko x H&M dress got (slightly) ruined when one of the girls washed it, but I still wear it :)

  2. Thank you TWG..these brogues are my new flats:-)

    Which Marimekko X H&M dress was that? That's why I learned my lesson and will never let B wash my delicates ever again. lol