Tuesday, March 29, 2011

All Natural Pork Tenderloin Roast

Pork tenderloin. My favorite type of cut. Lean. Tender. Juicy. Can I tell you that I have a long lasting love affair with it? It gives me all the juice I need. LOL! I serve it at least once a week and prepare it in different ways. But my most favorite way is roasting it. It saves me time in the kitchen to prepare other meals while it's roasting in the oven. And the secret to a juicy roast is to pan sear the outside first and let it roast in the oven until it reaches the desired internal temperature. Pink. Medium. Well Done. I love mine cooked Medium. IMG_8022

The roast above is about 2 and half pounds, which I rubbed with salt, pepper, garlic powder, herbes de provence, rosemary and dijon mustard (it makes a difference to the flavor!!!). I let it marinade for half an hour or overnight if you have time.

Preheat oven in 375 degrees. Heat olive oil in dutch oven and pan sear pork and let it brown on each side. Put the dutch oven with the tenderloin and let it roast for about half an hour. Usually they say that the time to roast the pork tenderloin depends on the weight. But I generally just stick my meat thermometer on the pork and take it out once it reaches  165 (this is cooked medium). 


I had all kinds of vegetables in the fridge and pantry but all I kept thinking was to combine artichoke, garbanzo and string beans together. A combination one would think will not work. I was a bit surprise that the flavors just blended together. Suffice to say, it turned out to be delicious.  When my pork was done, I took it out and put on the cutting board and let it rest for ten minutes. I used the oil from the dutch oven to saute shallots and added the string beans, garbanzo, and chopped artichokes. I added a little bit of white wine vinegar and some dijon mustard. Seasoned a little bit with salt and pepper.


This whole dinner took less than 40 minutes to cook. Healthy and delicious!

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