Thursday, March 31, 2011

No "Poo" Experiment - How to Get Thick and Stronger Hair

Ever since I read "No More Dirty Looks" about two months ago, I have been slowly transitioning into using all natural beauty products. So far I have completely changed my beauty regimen and slowly seeing the results (will have to post later). Hopefully by summertime, I will start using cleaner and environmentally friendly cleaning products for my household as well. 

No More Dirty Looks has become my beauty bible and my go to for referrence if i am in the mood of making my own body scrub, home made shampoo, home made mani and pedi or home made make-up. While I have tried majority of it, I have yet to dabble my hands on home made make-up. Well let me take that back because I did buy beets to put a little color on my already rosy cheeks:-). You think beets are only good for salads? Think again, it's rich in phytonutrients and has some anti oxidant properties,which are beneficial to our skin. Next time when you buy beets, try setting aside a small slice and think about your cheeks and lips. Such an environmentally friendly chic to

By now you are probably wondering is what is the "no poo" experiment? If you get to know me, you'll know that I go extreme once I get obsessed about something. I guess you'll probably consider not shampooing and getting rid of all my shampooos is extreme. Laugh and cringe if you like. Going the no poo method is totally up to you.  You  can ditch using your shampoo for a day or as many days as you want. Think about the number of chemicals in shampoo that our skin absorbs on a regular basis. The purpose of eating healthy becomes futile when the things we let our skin absorb are toxic. Did you know that shampooing regularly strips away all the natural and necessary oils we need for a healthier scalp. Using the opposite will actually benefit the hair. It can finally be able to breathe on its own and be free from all that chemicals it absorbs.

Because I care so much about my hair and I know that using a bunch of synthetic made shampoo will not do me any good (doesn't work any way for what it's claiming to do), I gave this experiment a try. The method recommends using a home made shampoo of pure baking soda and organic (if you prefer) apple cider vinegar. Sounds gross, right? At first, I was a little hesitant and the thought of smelling like ripe didn't sound attractive. I was actually wrong. 

Baking soda is not only used for baking but also for cleaning. Remember putting a cup of baking soda in the fridge to keep it from smelling bad? I know when I was in the Philippines we did.  Baking soda helps strips all the build up from using shampoo and conditioner. 

Apple cider vinegar or ACV has a lot of benifits as well. Our hair is on the mildly acidic side of the pH scale and has an ideal pH of 4.5 to 5.5, which is close to that of an apple cider vinegar rinse (pH 2.9). (Taken from On the other hand, many of the hair care products we use, such as soap-based shampoos, bleaches, hair colors, and permanents are strongly alkaline. Rinsing with apple cider vinegar will help balance the pH of your hair and remove the buildup that can result from the use of these styling products and inexpensive shampoos. Rinsing will also close the numerous cuticle scales which cover and protect the surface of each hair shaft. This imparts a smoother surface which reflects more light and as a result leaves your hair shinier, smoother and easier to manage.

In other words Baking Soda will act as the shampoo and ACV will act as the conditioner. Get it? I usually do this method once a week and wash my hair two or three times a week. And when I am not using baking soda and acv, I will do a hot coconut oil (that will be another post) therapy for my hair followed with an all natural shampoo and conditioner(will have to post later).
I haven't also colored my hair in so long....
Happy Thursday!
I dissolve one table spoon of baking soda in a cup of warm water. I put it in a small squirt bottle and spray the mixture to my hair starting from the crown of my head. I will massage it a little and leave it on for 5 minutes. Rinse with water and rinse the ends of your hair with ACV. Rinse with water again and your done! Make sure you keep a big comb to detangle at the end. Your hair will be amazing to blow dry afterwards. It can be styled however you want. I have been using this for the last month and my hair is growing out so fast and it has become a lot thicker too:-). I am happy......let me know if you try it as well:-).


  1. i need to try this may hair is curly but its very thin..been trying to look for a shampoo to help me with this prob..any other substitute for ACV?I think i will have a hard time looking for that here in the Philippines..-ham

  2. hmmm that's a good question. they said acv is also good for un manageable curly hair. try going to a bigger grocery stores and check in the international dept? or where the vinegar isle is?
    if you want to take the longer and tedious route, you can try making it at home? try this site, it tells you step by step direction:

    good luck and let me know:-)