Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Career in Photography?

I might have to give up cooking you guys:-). The moment that I have been waiting for has finally arrived. At last, someone took notice of my ability to photograph. It was bound to happen eventually and the "inner photographer" in me was just waiting to be unleashed. Oh boy, did that sounded real? You bet:). 

A few days ago, one of my closests friends called and asked me a favor to photograph her cousin, who is due in less than a week. Unfortunately, their photographer bailed at the last minute. I was more or less their second best:-) I was a little hesitant at first. Sure, I have a dslr, but I don't have the accompanying tools every professional photographers own. Giant lenses, sun shades, adobe photoshop, etc. You name it. Everything that can enhance a picture, I lack.  What I don't lack, however, is attitude and a little bit of vanity. They go a long way.  So I told my self that I will take this challenge.  

On Sunday afternoon, I went to my friend's house super excited for my "shoot". I got my Canon T2i in tow, and one stem of white rose that I pulled from one my flower vase at home. Flowers always make a great prop. I came to shoot with no expectation. All I had in mind was to take as much pictures as I possibly can so that they have the options to pick and choose whatever they like. Most importantly, I wanted to take is as a fun experiment.  

Okay, I am prolonging my story. Here are some of the pictures that I have attempted to edit. No, I don't have photoshop. I just used the software editing tool that came with my canon. I will let you be the judge.

It seems like this year, every one is giving birth to baby boys. I know a few friends that are expecting boys including my sister.

During this time, I think the baby is having a blast too. He was dancing inside his mommy's belly. It was a fun moment to witness.

Hello? When I get pregnant, can I look like her? She makes pregnancy look good. I think the only weight gained she had is in her belly.

My take on the classic white button down shirt with the focus on her belly.  There is something about this picture that is so serene.  Her pregnancy radiates joy and peacefulness. Awwww!

In sephia tone. I like that it looks so crisp and clean.

The pregnant lady with the pearl necklace. HA!HA! Atleast, I am pretending to be artistic.

I think being pregnant is a beautiful thing. Women should learn to embrace their body. Who cares about weight gain? Imagine that glow their radiate? Sigh....makes me want to get pregnant...hahaha!

The glowing mom to be. Can you believe she is due in less than a week? Almost same as my sister's due date.
Now tell me. Do I have what it takes to become a photographer? I think I had beginners luck. I have been taking pictures all my life but not in this capacity. Thank God I was able to do it though. It was a success and the best part of it was all the fun we had. My friend, who was my assistant during the shoot was a wonderful help. We were in a serious photoshoot mode. And the mother to be was game in our craziness.  

But mes amis, let me just tell you that I won't trade this for my day job. HA! HA!. On occasion, if another opportunity arises again, I will be happy to take on another challenge. For now my true passion in cooking and styling is still my priority. Photography is just an added bonus:-). 

Happy Tuesday, Contessa

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