Friday, January 14, 2011

My New Years Resolution

I am here. Sorry if you missed me. I highly doubt that though. My schedule starting this new year has definitely pre occupied me. Work. Gym. Family (not necessarily in this order:). Although, I try not to have any resolutions beginning of the year because I just don't know if I can commit to it. But if must have one, that is to manage my time wisely. When I say manage my time wisely, that is to incorporate more time and effort in updating and keeping this blog. I'd like to think I have a few followers out there who miss me from time to time. Just indulge me, why don't you:-) It's the New Year!

Starting this New Year, I promise that I am going to only surround myself with beautiful and inspiring things. In my opinion, what we see is what we often imitate. So if we see something beautiful and worthwhile, we like to think we want to look or feel that way. Just think about reading you favorite magazine or watching your favorite cooking show.  If it made enough impact on you, you'd want to eventually follow it, right? Dont you agree?

So in my path to move forward, I will only indudlge to things that are beneficial. Positive emotions yield to positive outlook. We must feel and breathe things that are beautiful. As a result, we will have a more confident attitude towards everything. 
Flowers are one of my indulgence. Having fresh flowers adds color and warmth in your house. It makes up for the cold, gloomy and depressing weather this winter.  It's also a positive way of looking ahead of the future and thinking that Spring is upon us.  
If I had unlimited space in my condo, I will just fill the entire place with lots of flowers. The smell and look of it makes me feel delicate and dainty:-). There's nothing like having fresh flowers to greet you in the morning when you wake up and greet you in the evening after a tiring day of work (well of course B is there to greet too:-).

Tell me what are your indulgences?