Monday, January 24, 2011

Ribs for Breakfast?

Sure, why not? If you read my previous post Dinner with the Auger's, you'll know that I took the ribs out of my pork loin roast for ease of cooking.  After I marinade my chops, the last thing on my mind was to put the ribs back in the freezer. It was easier that I cook it right then, or it was never going to happen.  Since it was still pretty early (is 9:30 a.m. too early?), I had time to get my work out done while slow roasting my ribs.

I seasoned these ribs with salt, pepper and garlic powder. Slow roasted it in a 250 degree (the low heat keeps the ribs moist and succulent) oven for 2 hours. The last half hour time remaining, I then mixed some bbq sauce (I used bone suckin sauce) with some cider vinegar, and a little agave nectar. I used this sauce mixture to brush up on the ribs. The verdict? A little sweet, sour and peppery. Yum if you ask me. B was a happy puppy:-)

It looks like a giant claw, doesn't it? I know it's not attractive looking, but trust me, this was tasty.

Per B's request, I made him scramble eggs with cheese. Served with fresh slice tomatoes on the side.

And who doesn't like waking up in the morning to see a perfect bloom?

Happy Monday Mes Amis.


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  1. Just the sort of fabulous breakfast I'd love to wake up to :) have a happy week ahead!