Sunday, December 5, 2010

My Sister's Baby Shower - Last Installment

Happy cold Monday morning from the nation's capital mes amis! I hope everyone had a great weekend despite of the freezing temperature. I promise you that this will be the last post of my sister's baby shower. We took pictures of every details and it's just hard not to share every bit of it with you. It's also a way to share some inspiration with you incase you have parties to plan in the future.

When we first started planning our menu for the shower, we had many ideas on what to serve. The first thing we considered, though, was how to avoid stressing ourselves and spending most of our cooking time in the kitchen (yes, we have other things to worry like getting dressed and putting make-up on, haha). Since it was an afternoon party, we didn't want anything too heavy. Of course we didn't want to serve too much pick up foods either. Just enough to satisfy but not overwhelm the guests. I say this because in most Filipino parties, it's so typical of us to serve so much food on the table. Guests get so ovewhelmed and instead of savoring each entrees, their plate ends up looking like a mix match of different flavors. One food gets overlooked from the other. Minimal is the key. At least you get to showcase and savor each one.

Here are some food that we served during my sister's baby shower. I don't think we took pictures of all of it since we were rushing to get the party started. Our menu included mini tuna melt sandwiches, grapes antipasti, empanadas, cheese rolls, fruits, thai ice tea, chocolate ganache cake and sans rival.

Mini Tuna Salad Melt Sandwiches (e-mail me for recipe)

Grapes with cranberry pepper jelly, parrano cheese, basil, drizzled with almond oil

Filipino Fried Cheese Rolls

The Desserts

Thai Iced Tea (to keep with the B.O.W mottif)

Condensed Milk to mix with the Thai Iced Tea

My sister was registered with Buy buy baby. Love their packaging!

With my lovely mother and two equally beautiful sisters.

The celebrant, blooming as always!

Allow me to take this opportunity to thank you for letting me share with you all the behind the scenes preparations of my sister's baby shower. We are so excited for my new nephew to come. He will be much loved. I guess the next major party we have to plan is the Christening:-)! Ah! the joys!

Thanks for always reading my blog.



  1. Peter and I are forever grateful for all the thought, planning and effort you all put in my shower. I feel very blessed to have you all and made this day very special. Baby Choi feel extra loved!

    A special thank you to those who made it but truly miss the ones who could not come. Nevertheless thoughts and generosity is very much appreciated!

    Till next chapter....:)

    Much Love,
    The Choi's

  2. OMG - are those cheese sticks?! I used to eat them ALL the time in the Philippines... I will have to make them to get my fix! I wish your sister all the best on the upcoming birth of her baby! You plan great parties - she's lucky to have you.

  3. Thank you for your kind comment Trissa. Yes these are cheese sticks. One of my all time favorites! I wish I can take credit but my mom actually made them. I believe she cooked the condensed milk (for a thicker consistency) and dipped the cheese, and wrapped them with lumpia wrapper. They were gone in a few minutes after serving!