Monday, December 20, 2010

Contessa's Catch of the Day

Happy Monday mes amis! Sorry for not posting anything lately. As you can see, I went on a fishing trip and was busy "catching fish." HAHA! Kidding aside, work has really consumed my social/blogging life. I have been coming to work as early as 5:30 a.m. and barely has time to blog anything. Not that any of you really care for that matter:-). 

Here is a quick and healthy post before we go on a holiday binge. As you all know, I am a big seafood lover and I try to at least have it three times a week.  And where I grew up, fish was always abundant and sometimes freshly delivered at our front door. I am used to having it all the time and on the contrary, my B was deprived of seafood all his growing life. So here I am trying to make it up to him. HA! HA!. Although, seafood can be very expensive at times.  And expensive it is especially if it's purchased from Whole Foods. Of course, you don't have to get your seafood from them. You can get it from any other grocery stores.

Last week, while doing my weekly grocery at Whole Foods, I discovered a new type of fish, the Turbot. It's a complete new discovery for me since I've never had it before. I asked the fish monger what it tasted like in comparison to any of the other fish they have.  I was told that it's in the same family as Halibut. And mind you, Halibut is really expensive. I only splurge on Halibut once in a while. I was thinking that if it's taste like Halibut, then it must be good. Lo and behold! It was good. The fish melts in your mouth and it does not take long to cook.   

Baked Turbot Fillet served with boiled Spinach
If you happen to go to Whole Foods, make sure to check out the sauce isle and get yourself a jar of the Bone Suckin Sauce in bbq flavor. It's a healthy alternative to those fat laden bbq sauce we usually get. It's fat and gluten free. Not only that but the sodium content is pretty low too. I think it's less than a 150 grams. It's my new best friend. It's a good marinade for any seafood, chicken, or pork. 

For this fillet, I brushed about two table spoons of the Bone Suckin Sauce and seasoned a little bit with lemon pepper. I wrapped it in parchment paper (this helps seal in the moisture and the juice) and baked in a 375 degree oven for 15 minutes.  While you are baking, you can boil some spinach to go along with it. I don't eat a lot of salt so I used lemon juice to season my spinach. If you prefer, you may add salt to it.  

Please let me know if you tried this at home. Cooking something healthy does not have to take a lot of effort prepping in the kitchen. 

Bisous, Contessa

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