Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Face Off with Gisele Bündchen's for H&M

I may not be a super model like Gisele Bundchen, but there's nothing wrong than dreaming, right? There are times when I feel like I was a real model/chef in my past life. HAHA! I am feeling a little delusional this morning so just indulge me. I swear the things that I do are not normal compare to what  a regular person would do. And B would just roll his eyes and laugh with disdelief. LOL! But once in a while, I want to provide you all a litle comic relief even if its to my expense. What do you think HM and Giselle would say?

Image source:http://fashiongonerogue.com/gisele-bundchen-hm-spring-2011-campaign-daniel-jackson/
Fine, I lose! I don't have the face and body like hers. I wonder if she has personality though? For sure, I'll beat her on that one. HEHE!

Image source:http://fashiongonerogue.com/gisele-bundchen-hm-spring-2011-campaign-daniel-jackson/
I wonder if she cooks for Tom Brady as I cook for my BP. LOL! I think I can probably do a cook-off with her. I might have to practice making feijoada (Brazil's national dish) and caipirinha.

My cousin said that this is my summer's eve look. LOL!

Want to guess what's on my mind? Spring and Summer....

How's that for a face-off? HAHA! I hope I made you all laugh even just a little. That's all folks...Bisous, Contessa