Sunday, October 31, 2010

Joyeux Halloween Mes Amis

Last night B (my husband) and I were invited by his brother to the Ofrenda Halloween Party at the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, VA. Ofrenda means Art for the Dead, which features art exhibition of local artist's shrines, altars, paintings, and photography. B's brother, who is an artist, also featured some of his spooky artistic creation at the party. So we came out and supported him.

Our inspiration came from one of B's movie poster collections, The Blues Brothers. Easy, no hassle costume. Since each of us already have our own black suit, black shoes, and wayfarers, all we needed was to
get a pair of black hats and black skinny ties. Needless to say, we spent most of our time at the mall yesterday on the hunt for these items.

So here goes the final outcome....I opted to be Jake (shorty) while B was Elwood.

Here we are posing with B's brother's art exhibit.

My favorite exhibit ....doll made out of newspapers!

More pics from the party....enjoy!

Next post.....what's for brunch?

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