Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bienvenue à Mes Amis, Welcome my friends!

Having been religiously following so many food, fashion and fitness blogs, I decided that I might as well venture into the blogger world. And since I like all of the above, what better way to start a blog featuring all three things that I am passionate about. With my hubby's encouragement, I finally decided that I want to share my passions to everyone.

So how did I come up with bon vivant? It's a french term for good living and I thought this was so appropriate with the kind of lifestyle I live for. I love living a good life. Whether it's enjoying the simplest, yet satisfying meal I made for my husband, finding a good fashion bargain, and discovering new fitness tips. Living well does not have to be going to an expensive restaurant, traveling luxuriously, or hiring a trainer. I believe we are all capable of living well, it just all depends on how you define your way of living.

So please join me into this journey as I share with you my passion in life. Thanks for visiting and I hope to see you soon...until my next blog!

Gotta get ready for Halloween......are any of you going to any Halloween parties this weekend? And if so, please share what your costumes are.



  1. congrats chat! cant wait to read more!

  2. abaw abaw murat congrats hehehe ayte kelanglang ma english spokening dollar don ko ka ja di?hehehe welcome to the blogger world. Looking forward to all the scrumptious and exciting post..hehehe daw piho lang paka gid ;)