Monday, May 2, 2011

Tales of a Geisha

The closest thing I can get to being a Geisha is this Japenese Kimono that was gifted to me by my cousin, Infanta. Yes, if am Contessa, then she is my Infanta. LOL! Let me just clear that I am in no way shape or form a Japanese Geisha. I am not an accomplished entertainer nor do I aspire to be. I will consider myself an accomplished shopper though. That I am good at:-). HA!HA! But hey, one doesn't need to be a professional Geisha to be able to wear a Kimono anymore. 

This traditional Japanese outfit has become the latest fashion trend this year.  Whether it is a jacket, cardigan, dress, or blouse, the kimono print is making waves in the runway this season. It's perfect to pair with a plain t-shirt, jeans or even shorts. It totally adds jazz to a simple and plain outfit. 

If I were you, I'd start my hunt for a kimono print now. I've had this Kimono since last year and no doubt, the style will never die. 

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Thanks so much mis ames. 

Bisous, Contessa


  1. I love wearing my kimonos too. I think a kimono never goes out of style. Zara has a pretty good selection on their website right now. I agree with you about wearing it with a tee and jeans. You and Infanta are as stylish as ever!

  2. Thank H. I actually thought about you too when I did this post. I was at Zara yesterday and didn't see any:-(. I know in their website they have a selection though. I might have to another one. LOL! I will let Infanta know what you said...