Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Art of Dry Skin Brushing

Since transitioning my ways into the all natural path, I have found myself looking and yearning to learn for more organic/all natural methods to benefit my lifestyle. Nothing wrong with that. It's a good obsession I might say. Gone are the days when I would  spent hours perusing Sephora or trying on every lipstick at the MAC Make-up counter in Nordstroms. I am over that phase for now. My wallet is thanking me and B too:-).  Now, I am all natural baby just the way B would prefer! HAHA!

A month ago, I got myself a Yerba Prima Tampico Skin Brush from a local grocer, Mom's Organic Market, that specializes in selling everything organic. A competition to Whole Foods, eh?. Of course I didn't buy it just because I wanted to have a loofah handy.  I had dry skin brushing in my mind, which I have been wanting to try ever since reading the various benefits it has.
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What is dry skin brushing if you ask? Well let's break it down one by simple layman's term, you brush your skin while it's dry before showering to remove the top layer of dead skin and to stimulate the circulation of blood. It's recommended that this method should be done in the morning prior to showering but with my hectic schedule, I have been doing it every night and morning during the weekends. I don't think it really makes a huge difference.  Although, after a month of dry skin brushing, I started feeling my skin becoming clear. The first time I tried it, I brushed myself to death (j/k) and I started slowly noticing the top layer of dead skin being removed by the brush. I was amazed at how much gunk I had on top of my skin. It almost looked like dust that's accumulated over time. HAHA! So far, I have been using it religiously prior to showering and I can't remember the last time I have applied body lotion on my skin.  My skin, however, has maintained its smoothness and suppleness (the brush is hard at first, but the more it's being used, the softer it gets). It's so cheap and chic:-) I love it! Think of how much you'll save from all that toxic body lotion.

Skin brushing supposedly has been used throughout the world for centuries and it's one of th best ways to clanse the skin without removing the protective mantle of acid and oils. It gently and effectively removes the top layer of dead skin cells and deeply cleanses the pores. According to the description of skin brushing, it is one of the most powerful ways to cleanse the lymphatic system. Waste material is carried away from the cells by the blood and the lymph. Skin brushing stimulates the release of this material from the cells near the surface of the body. Eventually, most of the toxins along with their carrier cells, primarily lymphocytes, find their way to the colon for elimination. Skin brushing is also used by beauty salons as part of a program for removing cellulite. I am not sure about this as I don't really have problems in this department. LOL!.

Friends, if you are looking for cheap ways to improve the look and feel of your skin, this might work for you. However, skin brushing is most effective with an all-natural vegetable fiber brush, which can be purchased at any organic store and Amazon even sells them too.  And skin brushing has an art to it. Make sure that you brush towards your heart and start from your feet upward. There are videos on youtube that shows tutorial on how to do it properly. 

If you want to learn more information on dry skin brushing, click here.

I hope you learned something new. Have a great Wednesday. Bisous, Contessa